Yacin Zawam of Northwest Arkansas

Yacin Zawam Northwest Arkansas

About Yacin Zawam of Northwest Arkansas

Yacin Zawam of Northwest Arkansas is a healthcare professional who has years of experience caring for patients. Dr. Zawam graduated from the University of Toledo and, in the time since, has dedicated his career to helping patients improve healthcare outcomes and access quality care.

Colleagues and patients alike speak to Dr. Zawam’s extensive medical field knowledge, compassionate approach to healthcare, and dedication to advancement within the industry.

Yacin Zawam Discusses Qualities Associated with Successful Healthcare Professionals

Yacin Zawam Northwest Arkansas

Yacin Zawam is frequently asked questions regarding what qualities and skills best prepare healthcare professionals for the rigors of the industry. While he mentions that there are dozens of traits that are important for healthcare professionals to possess if they want to be truly successful in their career goals, he finds that there are a few that stand out as critical for maintaining a strong commitment to the work.
Here, Yacin Zawam of Northwest Arkansas explores some of the qualities he feels are most associated with successful healthcare professionals.

Communication Skills

Excellent communication skills are required in many industries with healthcare standing as no exception. Healthcare professionals need to collaborate with others who hold a variety of different specialties for the sake of patients which naturally requires that they are able to communicate well with their peers and get points across clearly and concisely. The ability to ask the right questions as well as answer questions well are absolutely essential to success in healthcare settings, especially when working on difficult cases. Communication skills are also important for listening as well. Whether you are hearing out a patients concerns, following the directions of a superior, etc., it is always important to hone listening skills in an effort to contribute to more positive healthcare outcomes.


Some scenarios in healthcare settings are life and death, some less so, but all have to do with the health and wellbeing of patients and should be treated with the utmost respect and empathy at every stage of the process. The best healthcare professionals are able to remain empathetic to the thoughts, feelings, and concerns of their patients. Not only is this important for their job functions, but it also empowers them to build more trusting rapports with the people they serve. Some research has also found that patients are much more likely to complete treatments and follow directions as stated by their doctors when they are working with a healthcare professional who is empathetic in their approach.


Attention to detail is crucial in the healthcare industry, and for a good reason. Even small errors can have drastic consequences on the health and wellbeing of patients, which means that professionals in healthcare settings must be incredibly thorough regarding diagnosis, treatment, etc. Healthcare workers have a responsibility to the institutions that they serve and their patients to be highly attentive as they assess and document pertinent medical information. The best professionals in the industry know that there is a lot at stake and work to ensure that each process they facilitate is as airtight as possible.

Yacin Zawam Northwest Arkansas

Emotional Stability and Calmness Under Pressure

Simply put, healthcare can be a stressful environment full of busy schedules, responsibilities to patients and healthcare institutions, and tough health situations. Emotional stability and the ability to be calm under pressure is a virtue because it helps professionals adapt to the situation at hand and not fall to the demands of the industry. Healthcare workers can expect to be working with patients who are experiencing anxiety or pain, and remaining a stable, calm presence is a great way to offer support and assistance. These traits are also helpful in the context of healthcare teams. While sometimes it is impossible to not show emotions in tough situations, by and large teams prefer to work with professionals who are able to control their emotions in the interest of performing their jobs to the best of their ability.

Passion and Dedication

Given the responsibilities of healthcare professionals, it is necessary to be passionate about the field and their job to perform at their best. Experienced healthcare workers know that there is always more to learn about the industry and its processes, and that passion and dedication are incredible motivating factors for overcoming challenges, refining quality care for the sake of patients, and reaching coveted career goals. Passion empowers professionals to find their jobs rewarding and take their responsibilities in stride. The most successful of the bunch are also profoundly passionate about the health and well-being of their patients. Knowing how important it is to show up each day dedicated to improving the lives of others is key and can get professionals through even the most stressful and demanding experiences in their careers.

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